Welcome to MINI-ME MINIATURE HORSE FARM located just outside of Noel, MO.


Currently our small herd of miniatures consists of 1 mini stallion:  a beautiful black leopard appaloosa stud. 

Our mare herd consists of:

Pumpkin is our 30" 5 yr. old Pintaloosa mare who is our newest addition. She just had a tiny pintaloosa filly May 10th. Pumpkin is NOT FOR SALE. (her filly is pictured below)

Born May 10, 2016 a little pintaloosa filly - only 17" at birth :) Both eyes are 1/2 blue. She will stay small - probably not get over 28" when full grown. SOLD

Misty is our 30" 15 yr. old tobiano mare. She is due to foal in June - looking forward to a nice pintaloosa foal! SHE WILL BE FOR SALE AFTER WEANING 2016 FOAL. $450 FIRM

Nutmegs Silver Lining is our 32" 6 yr old blue silver tobiano mare. 2014 she had a beautiful chestnut pinto colt who we named Arrow. He was sold at weaning time. Nutmeg had a beautiful filly shown below - baby has been SOLD.

This is Nutmeg's newest baby - a beautiful blue silver tobiano w/blanket Pintaloosa filly. Born May 4th, 2016. SOLD- She will be registered w/ ISHR.

Happy Go Lucky is our 7 yr old dark bay appaloosa pony mare. She looks like a black leopard, but she was born a dark red bay with a spotted blanket. That blanket has extened to cover her whole body. She has produced a blanketed colt, 1 black pintaloosa filly & 1 black appaloosa filly & on May 23rd foaled a beautiful appy colt. SHE IS FOR SALE OR TRADE (trade for a small appy mare) after weaning of 2016 foal - $900 FIRM or with foal $1400.00

Happy's foal is for sale $600. Buy Dam & Foal together for only $1400.00! Born May 23, 2016 & beautifully marked. Our appy mini stud is the sire. This colt should not get any bigger than 33-35".

This is Happy's filly (Loki) born May 12, 2015. SOLD

Several foals will be born spring 2016 - as they are born the pictures will be posted and the sale price will be added. If you have any questions about any of my mares or stallion for sale please call me at: 417-475-6273 or email me at:



All of our little ones are registered. Some are even triple registered. ISHR / AMHR / WCMHR

The farm consists of 8 nicely wooded acres that is up in the bluffs of the beginning of the ozarks. The Elk River is only a  mile away with lots of canoeing and swimming in the summer months.

The miniatures can win your heart in only seconds - each of my miniatures are very friendly, loving and in your pocket type of equine. They love their daily kisses and attention.  All are easy to handle and my grand children adore all of them.

Also living on our farm are chickens,5 small dogs (several of which are rescues), and our riding mare Cocoa who is a MFT. She loves the mini's!

If you are interested in any of my mini's please just contact me and we can talk about your interest. However, my Appaloosa stallion & Appaloosa mare are not for sale! I am  interested in trading. If you have a miniature for trade - contact me & we can discuss it.

If you are interested in breeding to my appaloosa - contact me. Out of state mares must have a coggins. Fees for the my appaloosa stallion is $150 plus $6 a day mare care. Mare must not be a kicker and I do not do pasture breeding. All are hand bred in a corral.

Phone: 417-454-4994 OR 866-201-3098
Email: pintaloosa53@aol.com

Pintaloosa filly May 4, 2016
Pawnee's Apache Scout / Appaloosa Stallion

Scout, our appaloosa mini stud is currently NOT FOR SALE 

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