ARRIVED; March 26 2015 @ 1:40am He is a little  Pintaloosa! He is out of our mare "Misty" and sire is our Appaloosa "Scout". His name is MM's Scooter Scouting For Nu B Genings". SOLD!

Last picture is of "Scooter" after his first shed out! A huge difference from birth to 4 mo. old!

This is our 2nd foal - this filly arrived May 12 2015 @ around 2:30am. She is a full Appaloosa Mini Pony. She is coal black. Her name is "MM's Loki's Happy Apache". She should mature to about 36-38". Dam is "Happy Go Lucky" a near leopard bay pony. Sire is "Pawnee's Apache Scout" a black leopard miniature. SOLD!

Pintaloosa filly born May 4, 2016. Blue Silver Tobiano w/blanket. Dam Nutmeg a Blue Silver Tobiano mini & Sire is Scout - our leopard mini. SOLD

Pintaloosa filly born May 10, 2016. Silver Tobiano w/mottling & 17" at birth. Dam is Pumpkin a strawberry roan pintaloosa and sire is Scout, our leopard mini. SOLD

Appaloosa mini colt born May 23, 2016. Black w/leopard blanket & mottling. 24 1/2" at birth. Will reach about 33-35" full grown. Dam is Happy our appy pony and sire is our leopard mini. COLT FOR SALE $600 - DAM & COLT FOR SALE TOGETHER $1,400.


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